Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do you ever shut up?

    Ever want to tell someone dear to you to shut the fuck up? I do all the time. I just don't have the heart to. I left Facebook for the very reason I started posting on Blogger instead of Deviantart journals. There are only a few people on that site who actually write a "Journal", while so many others just write about how amazing they are, what they have, and what they want, and it just gets sickening to the point where a lot of my friends are just bitching about all this... stuff, that they want. They're so materialistic it's fucking ridiculous.

    A new journal, to spark the point I'm making, literally just talks about how awesome (my friend) thinks her life is and how she's going out of the country (again) just for a vacation- even though she has no flow of income. WHERE IS THE MONEY? The entire journal is a list of stuff she wants and all I can think about is how much money it's going to cost. An electric guitar? A full canvas set that she's going to stock pile with art supplies (which are expensive, you know) and more PVC figures? I'm sorry, everyone has hobbies, just like I have mountains of books. But there comes a time where it just astounds me how people like my brainless friend thinks she can just go "Oh I feel like getting into instruments again, let me just whip out a couple hundred" and oh "I feel like painting for the hell of it, let me just spend hundreds on art supplies just to ease my boredom".

      Money doesn't grow on trees. You earn it through hard work, and I'm sorry, it pisses me off how this air head thinks she can just throw around her money to ease boredom, and then rant about how hard done by she is trying to figure out how to spend it on other things, which she probably doesn't even need. This is why I left Facebook. This is why I'm planning on leaving Deviantart. And this is why I will never have Twitter. All it is, is a self indulgent network of miserable twits drowning in their own materialism.

Here's another event that just made me want to say "SHUT UP!" :

There's this East Indian male (maybe a few years older than me) in my Creative Writing class who I thought was intelligent (I'm lacking a strong dose of "smart people" in my classes these days), and I don't judge his greasy face, his thick rimmed glasses, or the massive red circles around his eyes. He actually looked like a legit "geek", a smart one, is what I'm getting at.

So we do workshops 90% of the class, and I'm in this group of people and we all read each other's work, and criticize what works and what doesn't, and what could be done to make it better. Well instead of actually doing this like everyone else in the group did, the guy just stares at you with his face literally inches from yours, and says in a flat boring voice, "I'm a visual reader, and I don't think there's enough description for me to 'see' what's going on."

I'm sorry, what? Since when did criticism ever mean "Your story sucks because it's not written the way, I want it to be written." ? It doesn't stop there though.

He said the same thing to everyone in the group. The stories were all different, so the guy obviously didn't care about actually reading them through and giving good advice. That and I'm pretty sure he's an arrogant, close minded fuck, who thinks that his writing is better than anyone's. So I guess the same answer would just come out of his mouth wouldn't it?

Anyways, the next thing he said (yeah he said more), just astounded me, and proved my point about him being really god damn sheltered. He kept talking to me oddly enough, even when he was supposedly critiquing the other group members' work. So he said this to everyone's story (not just mine) but he kept saying it to me, "Sorry I'm not a very good reader, so I can't read properly."

Yep. This guy had the gall to say this in front of everyone in the workshop group, and the professor who's desk was behind us (she even cut into our group discussions a few times and said "lol sorry I'm eavesdropping <3"), like it was just a casual blunder that no one would care about and laugh at.

No one laughed. I sure as fuck didn't. You are in Creative Writing, you have to fucking read well let alone just be able to read, and if you don't read, why the hell are you giving "advice" to people who are learning to write? Reading and writing go hand and hand, it's so elementary, so consequently: Why are you even in this class?

This is Creative Writing 1110, which means you had to have gotten passed another class before this one, and get a C+ no less to even be applicable for higher grade courses. So, I'm confused. You can't write well if you don't read. How is he even here? Why is he even here? Why the fuck would you say something like that, like it doesn't even matter? Fuck this fucking guy.

I guess he's just one of those geeks that look like a geek, but are too stupid to be stereotypically smart.

Hey, your Elementary school called, they said they don't accept money instead of your 1st Grade reading and writing skills.

 Youtube comments (oh yeah, you know where this is going) and Deviantart comments that self advertise their galleries/videos on the person's page, and the comments section of the person's art submissions/video submissions. Yeah you know those guys who leave "I have art like this in my gallery, check it out plz!!"  or "I have videos like this, come to my channel plz". Except they have bad grammar and really annoying symbols.

This angers me 1) because there's nothing more irritating than someone having the balls to go ahead and clog up your comments section with someone saying "come to MY channel!" / "come to MY gallery!" and 2) how ignorant do you have to be do actually spend time typing this out and advertising yourself like an annoying call-ad?

Piss off. No one likes you, no one cares, they came to this page to see the person's artwork/video. Not yours!

Karma cat will shoot you with it's paw lazurz. Shut up already!

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